Dear all!

You will be wondering who I am and why I do what I do...

Well, first of all, I would like to welcome you to my space of light and color.

My first childhood memories revolve around colors and their shades. With the capricious forms that I discovered in nature; stones, branches, pieces of glass, forgotten and disused objects... I have always been attracted to the language of shapes and textures, and a pictorial universe beyond words.
It is for all this, that I feel the constant need to create, to convey sensations and emotions. All those that I experience, when I discover the infinity that resides in nature. Either through painting, design or jewelry.

I started working with paper because of my involvement with it through painting, because of its docility and lightness, I am seduced by its ability to absorb colors, as well as its simplicity.

When I create a new piece, I always think "a star is born," and I celebrate as it expresses to make its way.
I intend to convey vital intensity, delicacy, and strength, simplicity and sophistication, a dance of contrasts. I look for looks of surprise, even of bewilderment, that you feel the security of wearing a piece full of strength and enthusiasm, a kind of talisman that accompanies you and highlights your beauty.

And about me, I could tell you that I feel a free spirit, and I bet on vitality and the constant search for illusions.
I invite you to smile to life, to be beautiful with freedom and to express your differences. And for that, I would love you to join my world of color!

I have always thought that life is better with a spoonful of sugar.



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